Why Consider Our Office

We welcome you to a clean and professional office that uses quality products and proper sterilization techniques. You’ll receive the attention to detail from a private orthodontic office. Dr. Nguyen recommends braces or Invisalign® based on each individual’s teeth and bite. He sees every patient at each regular appointment. Dr. Nguyen personally positions each brace since the final smile can be dependent on how well each brace is positioned and also places braces on the very back molars (2nd molars). We strive to minimize the wait time and maximize patient and doctor interaction by allotting more time scheduled per patient. With patient safety as our priority, Dr. Nguyen will personally remove the braces’ glue at the end of treatment where a dental drill is used. Having gone through braces himself, Dr. Nguyen can relate and help others going through orthodontics. And as a parent of three, he understands orthodontics from a parent’s point of view as well (such as is my child ready or need treatment, what happens if my child doesn’t wear the retainer, will the result be good and stable, and more). We believe in having a friendly atmosphere since getting teeth straightened should be fun and stress free.