Types of Braces

Colored braces (metal braces)

  • Typically what one thinks of when they think of braces
  • The brace is metal and the color rubber band around the brace gives it color
  • Can pick a clear or silver colored rubber band to blend into the braces if you didn’t want the colored look

Clear braces

  • The top front braces are ceramic or clear, since we tend to show our top front teeth when smiling
  • The remaining braces are metal since lower ceramic braces have a higher risk of chipping teeth
  • This is popular with our adult patients


  • Clear trays that you wear over your teeth to make them move, move teeth without the look of braces

Speedy Braces

  • Straighten your teeth in less than a year, typically 6 months
  • Limited treatment to only straighten the front teeth


*We also offer fixed bonded retainers, clear essix retainers, and metal Hawley retainers



Colored Braces


Clear Braces